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I work as an instructional design project manager these days, and the fast-paced, problem solving nature of the job keeps the days flying by.

My family and I live in a quiet neighborhood in the northeast, where I fill the margins of our lives with words—songs and stories for the boys, and for myself.

If you’d asked (ever) what I’d “be” when I grew up, this life would not have even been on the list. I started a copyediting business shortly after graduating with my English degree from Penn State University, then began editing for an international standards development organization. I have an MA in religion from Temple University in 2014, with a research focus on the depiction of women across religious traditions. Completing this program reminded me how badly I missed the humanities and gave me the kick in the pants I needed to amp up my engagement with the subjects that interest me. 

I begin taking writing seriously again, and the fruits of those labors can be found here.

--Stephanie Lang Heilman